No One Knows You – Yet – Importance of Branding on the ‘Net

If you’re not making enough money selling your product or services, it isn’t necessarily because no one wants what you’re offering. It could be that no one knows you yet and they don’t trust that you can deliver what you claim to be able to deliver.

Business on the ‘net is different than the everyday world. There are so many scammers out there that people only tend to trust people with whom they’ve built a relationship, authority figures. So, if you really want to watch your profits soar, you have to prove yourself and build positive relationships with prospects. Once you do that, they’ll likely jump at the opportunity to do business with you.

One great way to do this is to brand yourself. In this article, we’ll discuss tips to help you do this.

First of all, think of the brand that is currently associated with you and ensure that it is in harmony with the brand you want to have. If not, figure out how you will change it. For instance, let’s say that you’re a newbie IMer, but want to become a guru of the woman entrepreneur niche within five years. In this instance, you could use article marketing, teleseminars, production creation, etc., to brand yourself.

Second, put your name on everything you produce. It doesn’t matter if it is an email, forum signatures, or whatever; always put your name on whatever it is. Just get your name out there so that you can establish a brand name. Consider John Reese, Joel Comm, Dan Kennedy, and Willie Crawford – these guys put their names on everything that they produce and people know them. These guys understand the importance of branding so learn from them.

Third, you should do your best to create quality products. This means that you shouldn’t create junk products. People remember junk. Therefore, you should always strive to over-deliver on everything you create. This, too, will help you establish yourself as an authority figure.

Fourth, keep putting your name out there. For instance, you can become a guest author on someone’s site or blog, host teleseminars, partner up with gurus, etc. The key is to build a reputation and become an expert. By doing this, customers will be more likely to purchase your products and services because you’ll be seen as an authority.

Fifth, remember that everything you do significantly impacts your brand. Therefore, do it all with zest and do it right. Consider how your actions may impact your overall marketing strategy and do what works and what doesn’t.

That’s it. Establishing a brand takes work, but it can be done. So get out there and do it. You can start by introducing yourself via the comments!

The Importance Of Brand Recognition When Creating A Successful Ecommerce Solution

Like many businesses, when looking at creating a unique eCommerce solution, mobile commerce solution or just an eCommerce design, there are many levels that must be recognized, understood and tackled before going into market. A good and effective sales and marketing team can be a plus, however to take your business to the next level you must aspire to create a brand. The mistake made by many is simple, confusing branding with marketing, rather than viewing it as an integral part of the marketing strategy, creating an image and association that can be instantly recognized, related to and connected with.

The importance of brand recognition should never be underestimated; it creates loyalty, awareness and trust, encouraging a life long relationship with the product or service provided, and creates a unique bond between the customer and organization that can last a life time. Ensuring the quality of your product or service is essential, adding ample value by providing a remarkable service that customers will not receive anywhere else. By creating an entire buying experience you can ensure effective transmission of a product or service that is both unique and that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Naming your business is therefore an essential step to translating your brand, when looking into names you should always concentrate on finding memorable, simple, easy to spell and say words that evoke a certain feeling when they are heard, that also encompass what you stand for as a business.

One should never underestimate the importance of a logo; it can mean, translate and ignite brand recognition with many companies. Most can instantly visualize brands like Facebook, Google, Nike, Dell and Microsoft’s logo simply because they are extremely effective, simple and translate the product with a simple image. Creating a unique logo for your eCommerce solution, mobile commerce solution or simply for your website eCommerce design is therefore essential; a good logo will assist your business in creating a clean and professional look; helping you stand out from the competition and aiding you increase your sales. Many steps must be considered and analyzed when creating a logo. A Logo must encompass your company and what it stands for and refine it to a simple singular image.

Essentially creating brand awareness will help you create a positive association with the products or services you are trying to promote. If your customers remember the brand itself then other information can naturally be associated with it in the costumer’s conscious and subconscious mind. This will help encourage brand association which will help you create better and more loyal customer. Ensure the synchronicity between your eCommerce solution, mobile commerce solution, eCommerce design and your brand and you will guarantee your chances of success.