How Important is Branding?

This is a question that gets asked an awful lot. How important is branding? Is it important at all? Can you run a successful business without a brand? Well, everybody has their own opinion on this. Certainly branding yourself can’t hurt. If a prospect has another way of identifying with you, via your brand, it can only help in getting you more sales. But is it a requirement? This article is going to take a slightly different look at branding than you might be used to…by playing devil’s advocate.

Let’s take, what may very well be one of the most well known “brands” in the world of Internet marketing. I am of course talking about the Rich Jerk. While he may not be as big a name today as he was when he first burst onto the scene, it’s hard to argue with the impact he’s made. His “in your face” style was pretty bold at the time. He told it like it was, insulted his prospects in the process, and essentially told you that if you weren’t serious about making money to leave his site. He wanted nothing to do with you. Did it work? Many would say yes. But how many people did he ultimately drive away with his brand?

See, branding is all well and good. However, the brand you choose is going to follow you for life. Once the Rich Jerk chose to essentially pass himself off as a jerk, there was no turning back. Imagine is one day he came out and said, “I’m sorry for being such an ass. Here is my new personality.” Who would buy it? And then, for that matter, how many people would then feel that his original “brand” was just an act and not really who he was? So once you decide on a brand, whatever that brand is, understand that it is going to follow you around for life.

Therefore, it is important to do a lot of thinking when it comes to choosing how you want to brand yourself. Do you want to be known as the regular guy next door who everybody can relate to, or are you the expert who has more smarts than anybody on the planet? Are you going to be pompous or humble? Every decision that you make will attract certain prospects and alienate others. No, you will NOT please everybody…so don’t try. Instead, just be true to who you are…or at least who you intend to be.

Branding can very well differentiate you from the rest of the pack. It can also be a terrible noose around your neck if you’re not careful with it.

To YOUR Success,