The Importance of Branding – Can It Really Make a Difference?

As consumers, we don’t really think about the importance of branding. We just seem to go with the flow of brand names that have become synonymous with our daily living. But the impact of a name reinforces the importance of branding when we promote our business. Think about one of the world’s most popular athletic shoe companies, Nike. The importance of branding is exemplified by the fact that when you hear Nike, you think athletics and “Just Do It.” A great brand name and association has catapulted Nike to the top of its industry.

When you are considering the name of your company, you need to remember the importance of branding. Deciding on a name is not a fluke, but instead is a well thought out process and analysis of names and meaning. The importance of branding begins with creating a simple name for your company. Consumers remember simple. Also, making sure your name can be associated with a positive value, characteristic, or position is part of the importance of branding. Consumers like products to which they can associate positive qualities.

Another aspect of the importance of branding is that your name must be different and unique. If your name is too close to another company’s then people are likely to mix you up, which reduces revenue. Also, the importance of branding needs to be voiced to your employees so that your message is clear to all of your employees and the public. If you have a vision or goal statement, then you need to voice the importance of branding here also. Employees need to understand the importance of branding so that it is communicated in the office and to consumers every day. The message you are trying to get across in branding depends on your employees putting it out there to consumers.

Still don’t think there is any importance of branding as it applies to your company? Well consider that brand name recognition can increase your profits by between 10 to 20 percent. If you are looking to increase your profits, then you may come to understand the importance of branding. Analyze the importance of branding and determine how you can use your name to promote positive qualities. Encourage your employees to learn about the importance of branding and to put the branding message out to the consumer. Believe in your brand name, what it means, and consumers will follow.

The Importance of Branding a Real Estate Business

The importance of branding cannot be underestimated in any line of business. Add to that fact the fiercely competitive nature of the Real Estate industry and it becomes obvious that establishing a brand is vital in the endless push to stay ahead of your competitors.

Real Estate businesses can easily fall behind their competitors if the agents fail to see that the business is more than a just a job. A professional attitude is required across the board, and this can be encompassed in Real Estate just as in other businesses through branding.

We’re not talking about fancy names and swish logos here by the way. Branding is proven to have immense benefits for a vast variety of businesses and organizations, including those in the Real Estate industry.

Branding as a concept is a simple one: establishing a positive image for your business in order to distinguish you from your competitors. When a person thinks of cola, we usually think of Coca-Cola; this type of brand recognition has been around for years in other industries.

So for a Real Estate business, a positive image of being able to sell properties and give outstanding customer service are just two aspects of developing a brand. You should consider your strengths and targets, as well as previous successes and build on these when developing your business’s image.

Typically, a brand would include the Real Estate business name, logo and perhaps an image or symbol. This brand would encompass the values and aims of the business in the minds of both the employees, competitors and ultimately the customers. Once the brand is established, you should look at coordinating and maintaining it via the traditional means such as advertising, business cards, as well as email signatures and a web presence.

Branding has many benefits, ranging from lower marketing costs and the ability to attract and keep better customers and employees to excellent customer benefits like reducing uncertainty and risk, simplifying their choice and saving time. As the task of choosing a Real Estate company is usually a difficult one, these benefits are obviously worth the time and effort required in revising your business image as a new brand.

For instance, imagine the impact of being the first choice Real Estate Company in your area! Not only are you at the top of people’s list, you are also attracting customer loyalty which is an increasingly valuable commodity. With loyalty comes word-of-mouth publicity.

Remember; in creating a brand for your business you have the opportunity to develop your Real Estate job into a Real Estate business with a whole new set of values and exciting prospects!

How Important Is Branding To Your eBay Success?

For being successful in eBay business, it is absolutely essential to understand the importance of brand building and take determined steps for establishing and strengthening brand image and identity. This will ensure that the business stands out from the crowd while it is marketed on eBay.

When asked, most people cannot recall the name of the last seller from whom they bought something on eBay. Why does this happen? It is not on account of buyers lacking loyalty. It is only due to the seller’s efforts being insufficient to establish the brand and identity on eBay; either because he or she is unaware of its importance or does not know how to go about it.

If you are an eBay seller, your brand represents who and what you are and more importantly, how you want to be remembered. Your brand comprises of not just one but multiple factors like the name you have chosen, the business logo and associated design elements, the layout of your sales page/listing, the business policies and customer service etc. If your return policies are customer friendly and you address customer issues immediately to provide swift resolutions, it goes a long way in boosting and establishing your brand. Your customers will come back to you again and again because you would be their favorite seller and every time they think of buying a product your brand would be the first to come to mind.

When trying to find out how to improve and build your brand, one of the best ways is to use your own experience. Try to remember YOUR favorite seller and analyze why the brand stands out, what makes you want to buy from the outlet. These are important questions that you need to ask yourself. Once you have answered them, take a careful look at your own listings. Read your policies minutely. It may surprise you to find that the way your listings look may not be in total consonance with what you intend to address with customers. This needs to be checked and corrected because it will enhance sales. You will be able to get higher prices for your products with more people happily buying multiple items from you. You will receive compliments from people about how attractive and organized your listings appear. This means you will be remembered and also referred to friends and family. Properly formulated/written policies also lead to fewer customer service calls and emails.

If you have the necessary skills yourself to do what is required, go ahead. For example your logo, which has tremendous power to help create a strong brand image for your business may need re-designing to make it unique, simple and unforgettable. However, if the area requiring change does not match your area of skill, it is best to seek professional help.